Burned Bridges and Locked Doors

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t burn bridges”? It’s something my mom used to say to me all the time growing up when I wanted to quit something (a job, a team, a friendship) and it basically means always try to end relationships on good terms because you never know when you may need that person again – be it romantic relationships, friendships, working relationships, etc. And it’s something I have actually carried with me and tried to live by.

Most of my ended friendships didn’t end with any big blow up or fight. Most of my exes would probably stop to help if they saw me on the side of the road. And any job I have ever had would probably rehire me if I wanted to come back. I have tried to live my life so that when a door closes, it isn’t locked and could be reopened if necessity called for it.

(Side note: that’s not always the best practice, especially when it comes to toxic people like exes, because some of those doors need to be LOCKED and BARRICADED but I digress 🙃)

I was recently contacted by an old acquaintance from a job I worked at almost ten years ago. My last blog post popped up in her newsfeed on LinkedIn and she saw that I was moving back to the area and looking for employment. She reached out and asked how she could be of help by connecting me to leads at her organization or possibly even hiring me in her department.

Again I repeat, I worked with this person almost ten years ago, when I was still an entry level employee getting my masters degree, and haven’t spoken with her since. But when I left that job, I left on good terms with the support of the leadership team. And apparently I made such a big and lasting enough impression that almost ten years later, she was willing to expend time and effort to help me find new employment.

Because I live my life trying to authentically be a good person, inhabit Christian values, and build genuine relationships with people no matter who they are or where they come from, it’s paying off in the long run. There’s a Maya Angelou quote I love:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I guess my mom was right all these years after all. (Thanks Mom! 😉)

So here’s to leaving those bridges intact and doors unlocked (when it’s safe and nontoxic to do so – light that bridge up and triple lock that door on toxic exes, friends, family members, and jobs ✌🏾 – but again, I digress).

P.S. Pray for me on this job hunt journey. It’s hard out here for a pimp 😆

2 responses to “Burned Bridges and Locked Doors”

  1. Hello! You might have missed your calling as a comedian. Lol. Oh, and moms are always right (lol). Finally, praise God for the witness. God will show you favor in the job search. Finally, welcome home! By the way, I literally could hear my daughter’s voice when I read the ending of your blog. She often times says the exact same thing: it’s hard out here for a pimp. I guess it’s a millennial thing. 😂


    1. Lol thank you! I can be funny sometimes 😂 that phrase comes from a movie called Hustle & Flow that came out in 2005 so definitely a millennial thing


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