10 Things You May Not Know About Me

For a lot of you, you may not know me personally or know much about me. So I wanted to take an opportunity to give you a glimpse into my life and learn a little more about the girl behind the blog.

1. My favorite color is rose gold. I know, not a traditional favorite color but I love anything rose gold. Although if push comes to a shove and I have to choose a more traditional color, I’ll go with pink (begrudgingly). 20160703_162838

2. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I LOVE SUMMER!! Everything about it, the heat, the long days and warm nights, the fashion. I also suffer from mild seasonal affective disorder so my mood and zest for life are so much higher in the warmer months…so of course my favorite holiday would take place in the summer. I look forward to Fair St. Louis every year for the food, the fun, and of course the FIREWORKS!!

3. I am a picky eater. You know those picky eater tests going around Facebook right now? Well the list of things I do eat, shorter than the list of things I don’t eat. I seriously eat like a 5 year old. Ask my mother.

4. I am part of the 12% of the world’s population that is left-handed. I hold that honor with pride. Yes I struggle with smearing on my papers, and writing in ring-bound notebooks but I love being unique and the excitement of finding people who are also left-handed.

889312_587433264601053_1451743419_o5. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Costa Rica. I spent a week in Costa Rica in 2013 for class during my master’s program and I fell in love with everything about it. The weather is gorgeous, the people are so nice, and the food is AMAZING. I’m planning a trip for my 30th birthday and I’m not yet sure if I’m coming back home. One of my dreams has been to spend 6 months to a year in Costa Rica doing mission work. I haven’t given up that dream yet so maybe one day…

6. I love to dance. I danced from middle school all through college. It was always an opportunity for me to let go and just have some fun. After college, life got in the way and I didn’t dance for 6 years. But I decided this was the year that I would go back to doing something I love and try something new at the same time. So a few weeks ago, I took and survived my first heels class which is essentially hip hop dance in high heels, a la Beyoncé. It is definitely not as easy as Queen Bey makes it look but it’s so much fun! I’ve also taken some other classes that were just as fun. Definitely found my new workout routine. (If you’re looking for adult dance classes for dancers of all levels, check out my friends at Consuming Kinetics Dance Company).


7. I am a bullet journaler. For those who don’t know, bullet journaling is a form of planning that combines the functionality of a traditional planner, a sketchbook, journal, and notebook all into one. It is seriously the best thing I have discovered in the last year. I tried so many other forms of planning but I kept coming back to the bullet journal. It’s so versatile and really gives you the freedom to turn it into whatever you need it to be. If you’re interested in learning more about bullet journaling, start here.

8. I have been engaged 3 times. Long story. Hit me up if you want to hear the sordid tale.

9. I am an empath/ highly sensitive person (HSP) which basically means that I am very in tune to the feelings and emotions of others which can sometimes affect me negatively because I absorb other people’s emotions, both positive and negative. It makes me a great listener, naturally giving, and highly intuitive but it also makes me more susceptible to bouts of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and a host of physical symptoms.  But I choose to look at it positively and think of it as a gift that gives me a special ability to understand others in a way that many people can’t. Think you’re an empath? Find out here.


10. I AM ENOUGH. This may not seem like news to you but it look me almost my whole life to learn this about myself. I spent most of my life worrying about whether I was “enough”. Good enough. Smart enough. Pretty enough. Black enough. Successful enough. It was the cause of a lot of anxiety in my life as I was always concerned about what other people thought of me and whether I lived up to their standards. But through therapy, prayer, and self-reflection, I have slowly changed this thinking pattern to one that says, “I AM ENOUGH”. Even if I don’t live up to your expectations, I am enough because God says I am and I believe I am.

So there you have it. 10 things you may or may not have known about me. Did anything on this list surprise you? Anything that we have in common? I would love to hear from you!

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